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W hen people ask what I write about, my short answer is, “travel, taxes and transitions.” But actually, one of the joys of being a journalist is being able to cover a wide variety of topics. My purpose, always, is to be a lighthouse in the darkness: to reveal an angle that might not be readily apparent, or to help readers approach life in new ways. In pursuit of this goal, I have contributed to many different national publications. Some of those articles have been archived — for example, on the websites of The New York Times, Morningstar and Forbes. The following list of stories, arranged by category, shows the range of my work. It also archives all the blog posts that have appeared on this website.


Book Publishing

How My Book Became A (Self-Published) Best Seller


How to Borrow E-books and Audiobooks from the Library

The Dollars and Sense of Audiobooks: What Indie Publishers Need to Know

Book Reviews

Debut Author Hits The Jackpot With Novel About Alzheimer’s


Descendants Book Author Recalls Working With Clooney


Listening To Audiobooks While You Do Something Else Is The Ultimate In Multitasking


Roz Chast Uses Dark Humor To Cope With Aging Parents




An Insider’s Guide To Cate Blanchett’s Designer Outfits In Blue Jasmine


Better Vision Without Looking Your Age


Collecting: Thieves And Forgers Rush In Where Big Spenders Dare To Tread


Madeline And The Family Business


12 Ways To Beat Insomnia And Sleep Better — No Matter What’s Keeping You Awake


Waking to the Power Of Our Dream Worlds


Food and  Wine


Cooking in Other People’s Kitchen


Eating Like a Grape Picker in Alsace 


Four Basque Markets That Are Worth the Journey


Four Périgord Markets That Are Worth the Journey


Flavors of Basque Country in a Brooklyn Kitchen


How a Visit to Basque Country Cured Me of Fish Phobia


How to Eat Like A Basque Without Breaking the Bank


In Alsace, Elevating a Once-Scorned Grape to a New Status


In France, Doing a Reverse Julia Child


It’s Piquillo Pepper Season. So Don’t Mess with the Roaster in Tolosa


Mastering the Art of Eating Hanoi Street Food


Shopping for le Weekend in Paris


Sniffing Out a Restaurateur’s Cheesemonger


The Cabdrivers’ Guide to Singapore’s Best Hawker Food


The Whole Bonito on Budget Travel


Three Paris Markets That Are Worth the Journey


Tracing a Legendary French Cheese to Its Source in Saint-Nectaire


Where to Buy Kitchenware in France


Health Insurance


Health Insurance for Frequent Travelers


How I Sued My Health Insurance Company for a Premium Refund




A Slumber Party Where the Wild Things Are


A Visit to Paris Without Leaving Home


From a Page of French History, Lessons for Modern Times


In Paris, Four Hot Tickets Take the Chill Off Winter


Personal Essays


Changing Careers May Have Saved My Life


How to Grow Your Network Without Really Trying


Neil Armstrong Dies; Two Takes On His ‘Giant Leap For Mankind’


Summer Camp And The Process Of Letting Go


The Best Travel Souvenirs Are Inexpensive, Everyday Items


When It’s Time To Part With Family Heirlooms, And Why I Gave Away Grandpa Oscar’s Violin


Why We Need Friends Of All Ages


Personal Finance


5 Last-Minute Tax Breaks to Grab Before Year-End


6 Ways the Tax Overhaul Could Hurt You


10 Things To Do When You Win The Lottery


Charity Bankruptcy Leaves Many Donors in Distress


Estate Planning as a Family Conversation


Foundations With a Limited Life


Home Office Deduction Can Skirt Limits on State and Local Taxes


How to Guesstimate Your 2018 Taxes in Three Easy Steps


How to Make Money Without A Job


Inherited IRA Rules: What You Need to Know


Inherited Savings Bonds: What You Need to Know


Loyalty Program Rules Aren’t Ironclad


My Magic Carpet Ride In India


The Best Investment Advice I Ever Received


You Can Get Richer Pinching Pennies Like Warren Buffett




3 Ways the New Tax Law Can Hurt Retirees


How A Serial Entrepreneur Built A $95 Million Tax Free Roth IRA


How to Be Richer in Retirement


How to Find Purpose and Meaning Without a Job


How to Make an IRA Last Longer


The Best Foreign Retirement Havens


To Sell, or Not to Sell (Your House)


Sharing Economy


Airbnb ‘Instant Book’ Is Devastating to Older Hosts


Fed Up with Airbnb Amateurs? How to Find the Pros


How to Find the Perfect French Vacation Rental


How to Spot An Airbnb Guest Who Has Something to Hide


The Seamy Side of Airbnb Reviews


What to Do if Your Vacation Turns into an Airbnb Horror Story




10 Things to Love About France in the Fall


A Favorite Paris Neighborhood, Above and Below Ground


Avoiding the Crowds on Ha Long Bay


Can Travelers Be Trusted?


Enjoying Besançon Out of Tempo


Four Great Rooftop Views of Paris


How To Travel Anywhere With Nothing But A Carry-On Bag


How To Visit Switzerland Without Breaking The Bank


In Alsace During Grape Harvest, ‘BYOB’ Means Bring a Bottle to Fill


In Bilbao, a Flavorful Mix of Modern and Medieval


In Phu Quoc, Vietnam, a Fragile Piece of Paradise


In Saint-Cyprien, the Périgord’s Past Is Present


Rather than Barneys, perhaps Bangkok


Renting Homes in Five of the Périgord’s Medieval Villages


Savoring Alsace: A Slow Traveler Goes Beyond the Façades


Six High-Altitude Vacations To Take While You Can


Tiny Island in Unspoiled Waters


Touring Amsterdam: A Survival Guide


Two Carless Swiss Villages That Offer Something for Everyone


Travel in Asia as the Coronavirus Story Swirls


Travel Raincoats That Will Keep You Dry, in Style


Why and How to Visit Verdun


Why the Coronavirus Hasn’t Made Me Cancel Plans


With Borders Closed to Contain Covid-19, Some Folks Can’t Go Home Again