At a time when the book review sections of newspapers and magazines are shrinking – or being eliminated – online peer reviews play an increasingly important role in our decisions about what to read. I am extremely grateful for the many recommendations readers have posted on blogs; listservs; social media sites like Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook; and on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Please consider leaving book reviews on these sites to help other readers learn about my work.

When given a chance, I tell people (a bit tongue in cheek) they can also wield influence by reading my books in public places – in crowded airports, on commuter trains or on the deck of cruise ships, for example. A friend once snapped a photo of a well-dressed young woman standing on a New York subway platform reading a copy of Estate Planning Smarts. I was elated. And of course I very much appreciate the accolades my books have received in various media, and the awards they have garnered. Here are some of the places my work has been featured.

Reviews of Four Seasons in a Day

“For Ms. Jacobs, the pleasures of food markets, out-of-the-way villages, enduring friendships and absorbing French customs outweighed all of the frustrations. . .This book is invaluable preparation for anyone thinking about long-term travel options.” – Diane Cole, The Wall Street Journal

“Masters the art of ‘showing, not telling’ throughout, allowing the reader to be fully present each moment. There is some beautiful phrasing here, blended into the mix of past eras and modern connection such as technology being a good way to lose or preserve memories. This is a particular strength of the book: the author’s art of transporting us into history while at the same time giving us relatable moments in the present.” – Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“This book’s mix of travelogue, observations about aging, career, and fish-out-of-water adventures, and practical advice about the sharing economy come together to make for an entertaining and information-rich read.” – Laura E. Kelly, Getting On Travel

“A how-to for anybody who dreams of funding a live-abroad life via the ‘sharing economy’. . . I treasure the priceless encounters with the landladies, the desperate phone calls, the times when everything goes wrong and Ken and Deborah must rely only on themselves. I love the fact that they did not settle in Provence but in areas less discovered by foreigners.”Candace Dempsey, Ways To Escape

“If you’ve ever dreamed about living abroad, renting out your home or turning your life upside down, you’ll enjoy Four Seasons in a Day. Deborah Jacobs writes about doing all three and does it with wit and wisdom.” – Richard Eisenberg, Managing Editor,

“Swiftly paced, well plotted, and full of vivid descriptions of food and the various places the author visits. Readers of travel literature will have plenty of reasons to keep turning pages.” – The BookLife Prize

“Most of us dream of doing what Deborah Jacobs did — but leave out everything that could possibly go wrong. This delightful book is a reality check that STILL makes you want to get up and go!” Lenore Skenazy, founder of Free-Range Kids

“Will appeal to many readers, including arm chair travelers, economy sharers, and people who are planning a trip abroad. . . .highly recommended reading!” –Paige Lovitt, Reader Views

First-place winner in the travel category of the 2017 CIPA EVVY Awards.

Reviews of Estate Planning Smarts

“A terrific guide for people who are just beginning to grapple with estate planning, as well as those who have (or think they have) their affairs in order.” – The Wall Street Journal

“This is a category killer: a book so good there’s no need for anyone else to cover the same material.” – Kaye A. Thomas, Tax lawyer, author, founder of

“Ms. Jacobs writes about a complex subject in the plainest possible English, such that I’ve always thought hers was the only book of its kind we non-specialists ever need.” – Nick Murray Interactive

“Simple — but not simplistic — this is a book you can feel comfortable giving as a business-generating, action-oriented gift.” – Steve Leimberg, President, Leimberg Information Services

Now in the 4th edition, which placed in the 2017 Eric Hoffer Awards.