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Eating Like a Grape Picker in Alsace

The harvest is a festive time, with celebrations in wine-producing villages and food stores offering seasonal concoctions. I tried my hand at baeckeoffe.

Why and How to Visit Verdun

With underground forts and a vast, high-tech, museum, the century-old Verdun battlefield offers lessons for today. Here’s how to structure a brief visit.

Health Insurance for Frequent Travelers

Each time I examine the subject of travel insurance, the landscape has changed. Here are strategies to follow, and the best of what emerged from this year’s hunt.

How to Be Richer in Retirement

If you spent most of your adult life budgeting around a steady paycheck, a departure from the workforce, by choice or circumstance, poses a new challenge: What funds will you use to meet expenses?

How to Find the Perfect French Vacation Rental

The recent announcement that Paris regulators plan to shut down 43,000 Airbnb listings by June will leave many travelers scrambling for alternatives. An experienced traveler offers tips to help you find them.

A Visit to Paris Without Leaving Home

As travelers imported botanical specimens from distant lands during the late 19th century, a horticultural craze took root in France. Impressionist artists, many of them avid gardeners, took their easels outside and captured this page of history.

3 Ways the New Tax Law Can Hurt Retirees

To appreciate what’s at stake, you need to think beyond the tax return that’s due April 17. For the next eight years, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could affect several life transitions before and during retirement.