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To Sell, or Not to Sell (Your House)

If your home has become one of your most valuable assets, you might be tempted to sell and downsize. Just don’t assume that’s the best financial strategy.

In Saint-Cyprien, the Périgord’s Past Is Present

Dotted with prehistoric caves, elaborate gardens, castles and limestone cliffs that overhang the Dordogne River, the Périgord has been a favorite since the time of the cave dwellers. In the medieval village of Saint-Cyprien, visitors can experience 21st-century life in rural France.

How to Find Purpose and Meaning Without a Job

“Without the structure of a job, what will I do when I get up in the morning?” I get this question a lot, from folks who are stuck in oppressive, dead-end jobs, aren’t thriving within an organization, or have recently left a job by choice or circumstance. Six women, from four different generations, show how you can create your own job.